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25 August 2006 @ 01:37 pm
so...i haven't updated in like 8 years.
life is good...in general. My classes are definitely 8,000 times more interesting than last year. but also about 8,000 times more work, which is probably a good thing.

Myers is still myers...and yet somehow different. i miss some of the people who made it what it was last year--sarah craig, sarah sponda, nicky and andy, shanny and julia f...and my relationship with a few others has definitely changed enough to make it feel quite different and yet its another set of dorky quirky freshies plus a few extra frat boys and sorostitutes than last year. and so it remains the same old myers--a good and bad thing in itself.

I am frustrated with the study abroad program. I need a summer or maymester trip to somewhere cool with 2 upper level dram classes to make my life beautiful...and there were several last year...and yet the outlook for this summer's offerings is rather bleak. arg.

I am the vp of scrapbook club so everyone, and i mean everyone should come to our first meeting, tuesday september 12 from 8-10pm. it is amazing. i promise. we meet every other tuesday for 2 hours of joyous scrapbooking! i'm lookin forward to it!

And in conclusion...my usualy complaint...i miss michael. this summer every day was michael. and now I'm not sure when I will see him next..hopefully october? This summer brought me closer to him than I have ever been to antoher human....and now it hurts my heart more than I could have imagined to have him so far. ...so i'm a little emo...forgive me?

I hope everyone is happy, joyful, and not too bogged down by ga's excessive heat and humidity. i think i may actualy be ready for fall.
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02 July 2006 @ 01:31 pm
GOOOOOOOOO Germany go!!! (we beat argentina!!)

I wanna get CLOSE to KLOSE!
Laum is the bomb!
I'd lay Lehman! (and Lehman is the man!)
Podolski...ahh shit....what in the heck do u do with podolski?!

ps...i'm in love with the entire german soccer team. completely.
...and i miss brazil. and Lennon.
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29 June 2006 @ 11:22 am
So... most people told me getting my wisdom teeth out would be really easy..(except steph who told me it was hell on earth)...and that mine would really be nothing cuz i only had the top ones and they weren't impacted. Well...let's just say i don't do so well with surgery...cuz i'd say it blows.

My ordeal, beginning Tues, June 27:
First, they couldn't get my IV to work as always...so they stuck me three times. The dr. said he hasn't missed 2 IVs in a row in 10 years. (just my luck)....apparently I have thick skin and fragile veins. GREAT.
The surgery went fine i suppose..i slept...came home..slept...watched a movie...took some lortab...ate some applesauce and sweet potatoes and soup. Then at about 6pm, the nausea meds they gave me wore off right as the mouth numbing stuff wore off...hello pain and nausea.
Basically...I threw up 6 times Tuesday night...i couldn't even keep down a sip of water...much less any pain meds. so that blew. Thank you michael and my mom and dad for constantly washing out throwup pans and getting me new ice packs. (PS...i lost 2 pounds in one day. i guess thats a plus.)
Then I woke up at 5am wednesday morning expecting to be done with the throwing up since the lortab and anesthesia should have been out of my system (but still in horrible pain)...took a few unsuspecting sips of water...and threw up again. damn. Finally that morning I was able to keep down a spoonful of jello and three sips of apple juice and motrin....my mom called the dr and got me suppositories for my nausea...I stopped feeling sick...but suppositories=HOLY SHIT THATS THE WEIRDEST FEELING I"VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! ...then i had fever on and off all day and pain but i can deal with that as long as i'm not throwing up.

Now everything's okay i guess. I still refuse to drink much water because the taste of water makes me think i'm gonna throw up. i can eat soup and applesauce...i still haven't tried any dairy...my abs hurt as bad as my jaw because of all the throwing up...but at least i can eat something and walk around the house without a pot for throw up.

sorry about all the complaining...i just had the urge to bitch.

otherwise life is great, I'm not too swollen(I just look like a fatty or something...and i have an awesome ice pack thing that hangs over my head and hodls the ice packs...michael says it makes me look like santa claus) and i've seen alot of great movies in the past few days: The Shining, Cinderella Man, City of Angels, There's Something About Mary, ...and today i rented Harold and Maude, Transamerica, and Rumor has It to watch over the next few days and I'm going to see Praire Home Companion with Michael and his parents tonight. =)
Which brings me to my other complaint: Michael's family moves to OK on Saturday. Oh, the anxiety I feel. He's staying here til school starts...but it will be interesting.
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So... I will be changing jobs soon. Becuz my neighbor re-offered me a job with the IRS...32 or 40 hours a week $11.50 an hour...but i'll only be able to work there for four weeks...the thing is..that's still almost 2000 dollars. DANG! ...i was rather ambivalent about it at first becuz it will mean less time with michael (i'll work four or five days a week 6 or 7am to 4pm)....but after much pressure from my mom and my neighbor I accepted with some degree of uncertainty. I'm giving my 2 weeks notice at charlotte russe monday. wish me luck.

My nieces and bro and his wife are here this week! hooray! we're going to the zoo on tuesday! =) i loooove the elephants!

The world cup: Germany is my favorite team, as always (except when nigeria plays..but alas they are not in it this year). I love their mad passing skills. I swear I like orgasm over their defenders.

The US vs. Italy game made me want to bury that referee alive. GEEEZ. He gave an Italian guy a fairly harsh redcard for an elbow to Mcbride's face.(so italy's a man down early in the second half with the game tied 1 to 1) THEN he redcarded a US player for a hard but not card-deserving tackle. what the F? (now both teams have 10 players). NEXT in the beginning of the 2nd half, he gives another US player his second yellow for the round, making it a red and ejecting him from the game. So Italy has 10 players and the US has 9. So then the US scores because demarcus beasely is my hero! (by the way no team has ever scored a goal with 9 players in the world cup), BUT the ref calls offside on McBride who wasn't even involved in the frickin play(offsides doesn't count if the player doesn't affect play). the ball rolled by him on the way to the goal...he didn't touch it! it was absurd! It ended in a tie...but I HATE THAT REF! ARG! the US played so damn well for once...and he stole the game from us!

In other news...life is grand. went to 6 flags with muddy and julia thursday and saw relient k in concert. wow. i love them!

...and i love summer. except for refs who ruin perfectly amazing games.

How You Are In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You tend to take more than give in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You're secretly hoping your partner will change for you.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.
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30 May 2006 @ 01:44 am
Michael, my parents and I spent a week in San Francisco and three days in Yosemite. California is AMAZING. i want to live there so badly. The weather is perfect--cool but not cold. The cities and scenery are beautiful. The people are so interesting and unique. And everywhere you look there's something new to explore.

My favorite thing about the city: the first day we basically just meandered around the city on our way to the wharf. we stumbled upon several art exhibits. One had this tree covered in bits of cloth, all tied around the branches...with a model of a goat nearby. It was so neat. That's how all of san fran and cali is. So many interesting things to just stumble upon.

Everything was awesome in San Fran (if over-priced). The wharf is beautiful...the golden gate bridge is windy...alcatraz is intriguing and oddly beautiful...so many flowers...the golden gate park is filled with lakes to row boats in and trees to climb(which michael and i took full advantage of). The cable cars are like roller coasters...we rode them all week (but i hated the buses...stuffy and jerky...especially on all the hills). Lombard street(the crookedest street in the world and the most covered in flowers) is gorgeous...but it's a long hike up it. The symphony was great (michael's uncle plays bass in the san fran symphony so we got free tickets to a schumann and schuman concert..it was very beautiful..i cried a little). Chinatown was very high class and unique...different from NY's..we visited a fortune cookie factory and bought "dirty" message fortune cookies. lol. The entire city made me feel alive and unique and excited.

We hiked through the redwoods in Muir Woods--Michael and I raced up a trail through a mountain...supposed to take 2 hours...and finished it in 45 minutes. Along the way we discovered and older couple hardcore making out...it was hilarious. =) I hated the part of the forest built for tourists with ramps and fences...but up on the trail away from it...it was beautiful. and we visited the tiny village of Tiburon afterwards...which has this beautiful view of San Francisco across the bay. It was so neat. We ate at this great italian place there and michael had tiramisu for the first time.

We also rented a car and drove down to the 17 mile drive in Monterey. I was not nearly as impressed with this stretch of beach as i was with a beautiful spot we discovered just north of santa cruz (santa crux also boasted a unique theme park on the beach..michael, my dad, and i rode this great old wooden roller coaster). The cliffs and the water there were beautiful. But it was freezing. and we were alone on that spot. The 17 mile drive was cluttered with tourists...still beautiful and interesting...but cluttered.

Yosemite was the same. Beautiful. Magical. Waterfalls everywhere...but congested. Yosemite ought to be for nature and relaxation...but we got stuck in huge traffic jams...both in cars and hiking. Michael and I's only spat for the trip occured when our bus back to meet my parents got stuck in a huge jam. My favorite spot in yosemite was the vernal falls...michael and I hiked to the top on the mist trail...got soaked with the spray on the narrow ledge which led to the top and then got snowed on at the top of the waterfall and more hail/snow up higher at clark's point. but it was beautiful. and there was this crazy guy with no shirt on and kid on his shoulder. crazy.
O! and we have labeled yosemite's food as "purgatory": not so bad. but not so great either. it's so-so. (if you've seen family guy u'll understand).
Yosemite's beauty is all about contrast: the merced river and numerous waterfalls against hard walls of rock; soft lush meadows below towering mountains and craggy cliffs. but the massses of tourists make it a battle against the masses for a picture instead of a retreat from civilization into nature.

It was a wonderful trip. One of the best i've had in a long time. Minus my mother's constant nagging, complaining, and falling behind...it was perfect. michael and I shared many laughs. and it was fun to be with my parents..most of the time. it was neat to watch my dad and michael bond over music and debate. And I think Michael and I have become even more "Mecca"--if that's possible. And i'm a little sad to be home again...but i'm looking forward to the rest of the summer...and I swear i will return to california again someday...because I adore it. (o...and i'll put at leat some of the pictures i took on facebook soon...there are 4 full rolls of film devoted to this trip...and soon there will be a scrapbook! Get excited!)
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16 May 2006 @ 01:15 am
..except "hello. I miss you." so why can't I bring myself to say it?

my first day at charlotte russe was amazing. I love my job. with a passion.
except for the blisters on my toes.
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11 May 2006 @ 04:07 pm
I got a job! =) I'll be working at Charlotte Russe in Discover Mills this summer! 15-30 hours a week, $7 an hour, and a 25% off discount (and later 40% off)! I'm super-excited!!

One short interview and they had me sign paperwork..woot! I start monday.

So if you want cute clothes, shoes, or underwear, or just wanna see Becca being forced to wear heels (the dress code includes "stylish" shoes and jewelry, and if wearing jeans must wear heels!...wow...becca becomes a girly girl, step 1).

any suggestions for somewhere for michael to work?
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08 May 2006 @ 12:42 am
Michael and I are playing house this week. His parents are out of town so we're caring for his three brothers...we took them to church and brusters tonight and then watched veggie tales which i had never seen...lol...it was great! (then tommy and melissa came...whoo!)...but yea.. i love playing mom. i asked galen and christian what they would do if i came and lived in the house as mom this week and galen said "Play video games! duh! like always" ... lol. Those boys are so crazy but adorable. christian helped me play four square better at church. and michael and i tie-dyed shirts. it was wonderful.

Also...please keep my baby niece, Mary Helen, in your thoughts. she is in the hospital because she stopped breathing today and has had a terribly fever and high white blood cell count. My mom's down in st simons to help and i'd be there except for my final. mary helen did wake up and eat a little this afternoon...but its really scary. She's 11 months old. so if you pray, pray for her. and if not...just think about it. i'm worried.
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07 May 2006 @ 11:43 am
So the weekend's been a little rough:
Friday night we went to WA-HO and then to Mary's dance show which went very well and the little kids were adorable...we made a plot to kidnap a few of the pre-k ballerinas...alas, it fell through.
Then julesy and i split a virgin margharita at On the Border..yum.
Then julia, michaal, sara, and I waited for 45 minutes to be told that Krush Girls was sold out...yea..there were definitely only like 5 people in front of us. so that blew. but i guess its kinda good considering michael's ankle. I don't know how he would have felt after that.
Then scrabble...I was 60 points ahead until Michael's last like 2 turns and he went out right before me...BAH! lol.
then THE FIRST BAD CAR INCIDENT: I accidentally nicked this lady's car in the parking garage but i left my number cuz i'm a nice person (BTW, my car was nicked earlier in the week in the parking lot by a girl and she also left her number)
so that lady called me at 7:30am saturday morning to come write her a check...which i did...MAN, i love getting 3 hours of sleep!
then THE SECOND BAD CAR INCIDENT: as we were leaving UGA with michael driving my packed car and my parents in my mom's packed car (gawd i have a lot of stuff)...michael accidentally nicked another car (GAWD I HATE PARKING LOTS)...and now my front bender's like half connected. so that's fun.
Then, I was in a bad mood all day saturday for o-so-many reasons...
but yunno, everything is temporary and I managed to cheer up after a good homecooked meal ... my parents and I watched Memoirs of a Geisha...then, cuz I'm a loser, I decided I already missed michael after like 6 hours apart so he came over to say goodnight...GAWD I LOVE THAT BOY!

...sorry for the summary, here's a few thoughts:
This week has been fun but a little rough. Whenever you expect too much perfection, you can always count on being a little disappointed. I loved having Michael home. But its so hard to juggle finally having him home from OK and having my last week before summer with my UGA kids. Michael felt a little out of place a lot of the week (as could only be expected) and I felt a little awkward trying to meld two worlds together. The various disappointments including his sprained ankle didn't alleviate the circumstances...but there were still so many high points...playing in the rain..game night...I feel like the biggest mess of emotion this week because I've gotten so frustrated with everyone and yet at the same time I've had so many amazing moments. Now, its summer. and I'm back to a world where michael fits perfectly. but i'm a little sad and worried. this semester was so fun and even though we'll all be back next year it won't be the same. we won't all be living in myers (some but not all)..and we'll all get more busy...I just hope I don't sever ties with any of the people I adore so much.
UGA KIDS: i love you all so much. Please come visit anytime this summer, snellyland could always use some added excitement. Just give me a call. And I can't wait til next year. It's been awesome. Thank you all for putting up with my noseyness, my moodiness, and my obsession (especially eddie, julia, and nicotine). smooches.
BROOKWOOD KIDS: I can't wait to hang out this summer! I need girly time! Nerd-dom reunions! theater kids! and of course Michael time!
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24 April 2006 @ 09:12 pm
Sooo...Phi Sig Formal was this weekend and it was basically amazing!!
Minus getting no sleep whatsoever, getting no work done, and peeing in the pee alley (thus the pee soaked feet)

my quotes for the weekend:
"I hate spicy foods! BLAH!"
"did you ever wonder if mom gave dad a blowjob just before she kissed you goodnight?"
"Eddie's sooo hot"
"Becca, you should bite Mark's nipple"
"Only bitches talk shit!"
"[whatever name eddie called abby]"
"Let's do the Time Warp again!" (karaoke..heck yea!...made a fool of myself on stage dancing the time warp!)
"I'm on top!"
"uhh...my feet are totally pee-covered" (after luke licked my foot)

lol...and Eddie and I won the "cutest non-couple award"!

yea....so this week is o-so-full of work...woo-hoo...not. but at the end of it is relay for life and eddie's FASA dance...AND JAIMIE DARBY coming to visit me!


...ps...check out my sweetass website i had to make for comp sci: www.arches.uga.edu/~beccalo/! it's hot!
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